Musician, artist and founder of the legendary Todd Hobin Band.

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The Story of Emmanuel

It was a cold, clear night in December of 1988. I stood alone in my office above our newly built studio, looking down on the cove in the moonlight pondering what song to prepare for the next morning's Big Mike's Christmas Broadcast. So many songs to choose from, so little time. Then magically, someplace from deep within... or possibly from someplace out there, the notes just came....

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Although our Christmas Sale is over for this year, you can still download Todd's classic Christmas song Emmanuel. Visit CD Baby to listen for free or download it for your family - just $0.99. 


Finals Week

I don't know. Did I already give the "Last Lecture"? I love teaching, but it definitely takes its toll on my time. We had a wonderful week of Winter Concerts, and the semester had many, many highlights. I'm grading papers now, and like my students, wishing for a quick and painless end to the semester. Honestly, it could be my last.



Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have to say that this past weekend was as humbling as it was glorious. Three days and nights of incredible concerts with some of my nearest and dearest family and friends. Friday night's Founders Day Gala was off the charts. The Trio performed for the 700 very special guests as they filled the Athletic Center at Le Moyne College to capacity. My colleague Dr. Jerry Exline joined us to backup so...



Shawn is going to join Doug and Todd at the Steeple Coffee House this Saturday night. It's going to be a blast! Come join us. Here's the details:


Last night in the studio after pr...