Musician, artist and founder of the legendary Todd Hobin Band.

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April 4 - Todd Hobin Band - Suzy's Tavern - Auburn, NY

April 11 - Todd Hobin Trio - Lewis County Historical Society - Lowville, NY



The latest album. Critically acclaimed, rocking, thoughtful, and uncompromising.The Todd Hobin Band just celebrated their 40th year of touring and recording together. Here, in The Early Years collection, you'll find a sampling of what made them one of America's hardest working and well-traveled Rock bands.  They continue to perform to a dedicated and growing fan base. Their performances are legendary, their songs memorable. They remain a closely held treasure to those who know their music. Distinctly American, melodic, driving, and powerful. Many Hobin classics can be found in this two disc set.

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Todd Hobin and Maico Hearing

Todd Hobin has been an advocate for hearing protection for many years. Standing at the center of one of America's most enduring rock bands has its risks as well as its rewards. Even with ear plugs and careful monitoring of his hearing, loss was inevitable. Fifty plus years on stage and in the studio were factors, but let's face it, at a certain age your hearing starts to deteriorate no matter how hard you try to preserve it.


This Saturday Night

In 1981 the Todd Hobin Band headlined a show to bring the Stanley Theater back to life. The time has come for our community to support this magnificent theater again. Please join us this Saturday Night, March 21, 2015 at 7:30pm for our first concert of the season. Support the Stanley Theater in Utica, NY.

This is one of the most beautiful theaters in America. Well worth the trip... and if you're anywhere in CNY, you...

Journal Entry - March 15, 2015

Yeah, that's me sleeping in an airport. I'm finally back home.

The Ides of March and it's snowing here in Upstate New York. I do love the West Coast. From stem to stern the weather is just plain better. I kinda thought that I would miss the rest of winter up here and return with Spring in full bloom. Uh, no. Not even close. It's still below freezing as I write this, and the ice and snow is still... here. The lake is froz...

Hobin Art Featured In New Book

Helsinki, Finland - The latest text book by Johannes Pernaa, Ph.D. features a drawing by American musician and artist Todd Hobin. The piece was first featured in Hobin's online History of Rock 'n' Roll text, and has been used more recently to promote the Guido d'arezzo Festival in Italy. 


Impossible Choice Film Release

Impossible Choice, a film by Media Artists was recently released to VOD (Video On Demand). It features a score written by Todd Hobin.

The story revolves around a minister's son, Brandon. For him it's a summer of playing with his college rock band and the awakening and acceptance of his homosexua...