Musician, artist and founder of the legendary Todd Hobin Band.

This Week's Events:

April 17 - Todd Hobin Trio - Glove Theater - Gloversville, NY

April 18 - Todd with the Salt City Chill - Dublin's - Liverpool, NY

The latest album. Critically acclaimed, rocking, thoughtful, and uncompromising.Distinctly American, melodic, driving, and powerful. Hobin classics from the 70s and 80s in this two disc set.

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Todd Hobin and Hearing

Get your hearing checked.

I can help. Read on.

OK, Let's get personal. Yes, I'm losing my hearing. Slowly over time it's starting to fail me. 

I could blame Rock 'n' Roll or just getting old, but on both accounts I feel blessed to have experienced all of it to the fullest. I did take precautions alon...

Todd Hobin and Maico Hearing

Todd Hobin has been an advocate for hearing protection for many years. Standing at the center of one of America's most enduring rock bands has its risks as well as its rewards. Even with ear plugs and careful monitoring of his hearing, loss was inevitable. Fifty plus years on stage and in the studio were factors, but let's face it, at a certain age your hearing starts to deteriorate no matter how hard you try to preserve it.


The Billboard

You may have seen this billboard at the entrance to Destiny Mall in CNY. Yes, I've got a beautiful wife. And yes, I have started wearing hearing aids. 

Maico is a small hearing aid service in Liverpool, NY. They are wonderful. I am honored to be working with them to help people with their hearing issues. Folks, wear...

Where do I begin?

Chasing Rainbows - A note from Todd

This is a flat out apology. My IN BOX is stuffed to the gills with projects, emails and phone calls to return. Some have been sitting there for a couple of years or more. I'm looking ahead a couple of weeks. No slowing down just yet. I'm booked solid.

I just came off a trip to the West Coast, a monstrous success at the Stanley Theater and killer club show at Suzy's Tavern w...

Dan Price Is Starting Something

Income inequality is killing America. We all know this. Otherwise, why would so many people be talking about "the good old days."

Politicians believe they have the answer. If you're of the Conservative philosophy, you know that lifting oppressive taxes and letting the free market system do its work you'll have some winners. Their money will trickle down to everyone else. If you're more Progressive, you don't tr...