Musician, artist and founder of the legendary Todd Hobin Band.

Upcoming Events:

August 1 - Pulaski Field Days with the Todd Hobin Band

August 2 - Kellish Music Farm - Todd Judges Youth Fest

August 3 - Todd SOLO (Trio) at Izzo's White Barn

August 9 - Old Barn, Inlet, NY with the Band



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Many Thanks - Friends of Scott Parsons

Canastota is a small town with a big heart. Home to the Boxing Hall of Fame, this community hosts the world, and this weekend they are rallying to support one of their own.

Scott Parsons remembers growing up in this town. He also probably remembers hanging out at the Purple Haze Teen Club when he was a young boy. I remember playing there some three and a half decades ago. Well now he needs all of our help. He's in the fight of his l...

We Owe You One.

Journal Entry - July 10, 2014 - Hobin Studios

The Sharkapalooza fiasco was a major suck for us. It's the first time that we've actually been RAINED OUT. The cancellation at the last minute left us all partied up and no place to go, and many fans out on the road, miles from home with no place to party. 

So, we owe you one. I owe you one. We've spent the last week trying to come up with a...


We are very sorry to report that tonight's Todd Hobin Band Concert at Sharkapalooza has been cancelled due to the weather.

It's a washout here at Sharkey's. BUT, we are discussing a makeup date for later this summer. Probably on a SATURDAY.

Please check back with us.


....dammit. The band has...

It Begins - SHARKAPALOOZA 2014

THURSDAY July 3rd - Sharkey's of Liverpool, NY - 6pm until 9pm.

This will be a very special evening. We've decided to go without a warm up act. Yes, we'll be our own warm up act. There's no other way we could conceivably squeeze in 40 years of favorites into just one set. We asked you what you wanted to...

40th Anniversary Tour Announced

We've been waiting to start this celebration for a long time. Forty years in fact. Thanks for taking this ride with us. 

The Fortieth Anniversary commemorative T-shirts and posters will be available at all of our concerts this summer. You will start to see these posters around New York starting this week.